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Welcome to Trade Room Plus

Why Choose Trade Room Plus?

The aim of our live trading room is to give you the skills and knowledge to help you become a consistently profitable spread bet trader. We provide a trading education service that will enable you to spread bet trade with improved discipline and confidence.

We provide a structured approach using methods and strategies that are easy to learn and apply. We focus our education on the key components that will help you achieve trading success; planning, analysis, psychology and trade strategies.

Our Aims

Help you to create a trading plan to suit your lifestyle, personality and risk profile.

Push you to implement strategies to improve your money management and trade control.

Educate you on successful trading strategies

Help you to achieve the proper mental approach to trading, reducing fear and stress

Our Features

We have several key features at Trade Room Plus that helps you learn the methods of professional trading.

Online Training

We offer online training, both in a webinar's and even on a one on one basis should you need it.

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Live Room

Our Live Trade Room is heart and soul of Trade Room Plus. We execute our trades live for you to learn from.

Trading Support

We have dedicated trading team that are always available to help you via phone, email & skype.