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1. Read ALL the Important Notes on this page

2. Email us via contact button on this page

3. Book your personal private discussion with Simon or Michael

4. View the Live Trade Room Primer Course to help you understand what we do and how we do it

Important Notes

The Live Trade Room webinar starts at 7:50 each morning and stays open all day. Each day we have two interactive trading sessions. 

One of our professional traders, Simon or Michael will open the webinar and will hold the first interactive live trading and trade planning session of the day.  The second interactive trading session usually starts at 14:20 to coincide with the opening of the US markets (14:30). Each interactive session will last for a minimum of an hour, the length will depend on market activity and trades set by the lead trader.

If we are not speaking live when you login, please check the schedule.

Live Trade Room Schedule:

7:50 to 9 am – active with commentary

9 to 11 am – variable commentary or quiet depending on trades set earlier

11 am – 1-20 pm – quiet

1-20 – 2.30 pm US session (until UK clock changes 29 March then 2.20) – active with commentary

2.30 – 5 pm  – variable commentary or quiet depending on trades set earlier

15 pm – 8 pm – quiet or shut

14 Day Trial Members get access to the Live Trade Room webinar and the separate member chat only. Our training courses are reserved for paid membership. 

Live Trade Room Webinar

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Member Chat

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Your Introductory Discussion

All 14 Day members are asked to book an appointment with Simon or Michael to discuss your trading experience level so that we can ensure you can make the most of your time with us.

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