Broker Offer Fair Usage Policy

All broker offers for free membership or any other services offered by Trade Room Plus are subject to our fair usage policy.

We work closely with each of the brokers we run membership offers with. These brokers pay us a fixed fee for each traded account opened and this fee pays for the membership. We are not paid ongoing commissions for trading volumes as we believe that this creates a conflict of interest that would not be in our members interest.

The brokers expect our members to continue to trade through them after an account has been opened and has qualified for membership and a payment to us made. Members who open an account just to get free membership, complete the minimum trading volume and then withdraw their trading funds put a strain on our relationship with the brokers. The brokers do then reclaim their payment to us. 

We reserve the right to cancel any free memberships from members who do not continue to use the broker account. 

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