We are now offering traders the opportunity to copy Simon’s personal trading account trades in a fully automated way. 

We’ve been asked many times over the years if we offer copy trading. We have always wanted to, but the issue is that most copy trading options out there simply aren’t good enough. We’ve tested enough of them to know. They usually have poor spreads and / or slow executions and nearly always are designed for the copy trading service and signal provider to make money, but not the copiers themselves.

How does copy trading work?

Copy trading is where a professional trader trades for you, but you keep in charge and control of your trading account and your money. 

Very simply if I take a trade on my trading account, the same trade is taken on your trading account without you having to do anything. 

Why copy trade?

Perhaps you don’t have time to trade. Or time to learn. Maybe trading for yourself isn’t for you. You may consider learning from seeing someone else’s trades (a staple of our live trade room). 

Whatever the reason, you’re interesting in trading to make money. So am I, and having someone else make money for you makes sense – just as if you were investing in a large hedge fund or something like a tracker. 

You should copy trade because you can benefit from my market experience, profitable trading strategies and solid trading psychology. 

What is different about our service?

The system we use simply connects broker to broker as fast and accurately as possible without any unnecessary extras. It’s a system we’ve tested extensively and have full confidence in.  

The structure is like this

A chart showing a double bottom

Allow me to explain:

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MT4 copy trading

I trade a master account and you have a ‘slave’ (copy) account. The master and copy accounts use the Meta Trader 4. They are connected to one another via a third party called 4X Solutions. The trade I take on my MT4 account are sent to 4X. 4X instantly sends the trades to your MT4. MT4 can run on phones, laptops and PCs. There is no need for the software to be open all the time. The trades are sent to your broker’s server which is up 24/7. 

You keep all your money under your control and with your broker and have all the regulatory protections your broker has. You can deposit and withdraw as you wish and also trade alongside my trades. 


Trade Room Plus Copy Trade Performance

I linked up an MT4 account from August 2019 to myfxbook to stress test the copy trading system. Myfxbook confirms I am using a live trading account and the performance data is true. 

There were no trades in November whilst technical issues were resolved. 

My aim is to significantly out-perform the world’s index markets i.e. make a much higher %s than the FTSE, SPX etc over the trading year. 

For example between August the 1st and January the 31st, the FTSE lost 2.69% whereas I gained 39.49%

Here is how my performance compares to the FTSE, DAX and SPX: 

A graph comparing my performance to the FTSE, DAX and DJIA.

How I trade

I trade the FTSE, DAX, DJIA and SPX as well as the Forex pairs GBP/USD, EUR/GBP and EUR/USD. 

Most of my trades will be on the DAX and DJIA as these are two markets I have spent thousands of hours watching. These markets are very technical and have great spreads. 

I mainly day trade from very short-term scalps to longer-term trades. The advantage of closing trades on the same day is less overnight / weekend risk and less cost of carry / swaps / overnight transaction fees (these add up). 

I am an extremely disciplined trader and will risk no more than 2% of my account per trade (you can select a higher risk if you so wish – more on that later). I will not hesitate to cut losses, I do not revenge trade nor add to losing positions. Managing risk and minimising draw down is fundamental to my trading. If there is no trade to take I will not trade. Patience = profits. 

Which broker should I use?

You should use our recommended broker (if you’re from the USA contact us). 


Because we have tested this broker extensively and we have copy accounts with them ourselves. This allows us to scrutinise every trade and execution to make sure you’re getting the exact same trades I take. This broker is also fully able and prepared to accept large copy trading volumes (imagine 100 people all taking an identical trade at the same time).  

Our primary copy broker is Markets.com who feature the following: 

  • Tight spreads
  • Fast executions
  • Tried and tested for copy trading
  • Offer spread betting and CFDs (if you want higher leverage CFDs we can guide you)
  • Highly regulated, safe and secure (five different licences)  
  • Easy withdrawals 
If you choose to use Markets.com we will also give you a discounted subscription – please contact us for details.

Click here to see a video of how to setup a Markets.com account and download and setup MT4. 

How can I copy you / subscribe?

Click Sign Up button below. Longer is generally better as that allows you to benefit from a larger series of trades. 

What will happen after you purchase with PayPal we will contact you and provide you with the link to sign your MT4 account up to 4X Solutions to be able to automatically copy my trades. 



These are some of the most common questions we have about copy trading. If you have any additional ones please don’t hesitate to contact us with them.  

I'm already a Live Trade Room member - can I have a discount?

Can I trade the account as well?

Yes, your MT4 account remains full in your control and you can trade alongside my trades. 

How much should I deposit?

$2000 – $4000 is a recommended minimum which will allow you to compound at a decent rate (same % of risk but of an ever-larger trading account).

Do you have any other growth strategies?

One of the strategies we teach people who we teach to trade in our live trade room is to add to their account for disciplined and profitable trading i.e. each profitable month add X amount to their trading accounts. This ‘drip-feeding’ is common for investments in products like trackers (which track the performance of the stock markets I aim to greatly out perform). 

Can you teach me your strategies?


We run a live trade room and have trading courses in our members’ area. I am also available for one on one mentoring you want intensive, personal training.  

Are you incentivised to trade?


There is no financial incentive for me to take trades. My priority is taking the best trades, and sometimes the best trade is no trade. Patience makes more money than anything else. 

Are the spreads widened?


It is common for copy trading platforms to widen the spreads of the copying accounts and then share some of that spread with the signal provider. This encourages over-trading and ‘churning’, which does is detrimental to the copier. 

The best spreads your broker offers are the spreads you will get. 

How good are executions?

They’re incredible and exactly what we were looking for. We tested multiple brokers over several months over different market conditions, and the time and levels in which trades are executed on the copier accounts are usually identical. 

Do brokers really want profitable clients?


I’m not going to go in to detail about A and B books, internal and external hedging and risk management, but the reality is brokers want and need profitable ‘flow’.

Can I take my own trades?


You can fully use your trading account for you own trades alongside mine. 

Do you trade Cryptocurrencies?


The spreads are terrible (really wide) when trading them as a derivative (spreadbet or CFD) which makes them really poor value.  

Are there any additional fees?


There are no funding or withdrawal fees. No performance fees or any others. 

Are the Live Trade Room trades executed?

The copy service is of Simon’s personal trading account and primarily takes short term scalping trades. The Live Trade Room trades will not generally be traded on this account.

Can I contact you?


If you need anything then contact us on WhatsApp, Telegram or email below. 

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