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get started course

A short course specifically for new and 14 day members so that you can understand the risk we assign to trades, the markets we trade, the basic strategies we use and how we communicate our trades in the live trade room and on Telegram.

Member training courses

Advanced training courses for full members only. Master Trader Training Series. Trading Psycholgy Series. The Algo Yank Strategy Training. Candlestick basics. How to use MT4. Upgrade from 14 day membership for access.

Recommended Broker

We trade live using Markets.com. Find out the advantages of using Markets.com account and how to get free lifetime membership to Trade Room Plus.

Demon Scalper Training

Our Demon Scalper package is a premium product specifically for traders looking to benefit from fast price action trading. As well as course material we also offer lifetime access to the live trade room and one-on-one support. Learn how our lead trader passed multiple funded trading tests using these exact methods.

Trading Tools

Download MT4 trading tools: Risk Management Trade Panels, Expert Advisors for automated trading and indicators.

Trading Tools

Download MT4 trading tools: Risk Management Trade Panels, Expert Advisors for automated trading and indicators.

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Frequently asked questions

The Live Trade Room is a webinar that starts at 07:50 London time, each morning and stays open all day. Each day we have two interactive trading sessions. 

One of our professional traders, Simon or Michael will open the webinar and will hold the first interactive live trading and trade planning session of the day.  The second interactive trading session usually starts at 14:20 to coincide with the opening of the US markets (14:30). Each interactive session will last for a minimum of an hour, the length will depend on market activity and trades set by the lead trader.

You gain access our live trading room for 14 days. If at the end of the trial you would like to join us you can either start a subscription or get FREE lifetime if you sign up to our recommended broker through us. We suggest starting a live chat when you are nearing the end of your trial for the best deals and offers. 

Details of our paid and FREE lifetime membership options can be found here. Membership Page.

All 14 day trial members are encouraged to book a private chat with one of our traders. Book chat now.

Telegram signals are available to full members only. If you are a full member please click this link. Telegram Signals.

This page has a different chat button to ALL other pages and this chat is viewable by all members. We use this chat mainly during the live trade room webinar as it is more interactive than the webinar. You will find the chat button bottom right. Please have open when you are in the Live Trade Room.

Live Trade Room Schedule:

7:50 to 9 am – active with commentary

9 to 11 am – variable commentary or quiet depending on trades set earlier

11 am – 2-20 pm – quiet

2-20 – 3.30 pm US session – active with commentary

3.30 – 5 pm  – variable commentary or quiet depending on trades set earlier

15 pm – 8 pm – quiet or shut

All times are based on current London time. We alter the schedule if US open times change due to clock changes. We also take major bank holidays off.

You will find daily trading levels for the DAX, FTSE, Dow and S&P on this page. Daily Trading Levels.

The Live Trade room link updates each day at 7 am, if you joined after that time and want today’s link please check the schedule and then message us.

What Our Members say

We have been trading live every day since early 2013. Our members believe we are the UK’s premier live trade room.

"The service you provide is unique, could you improve it? Not sure you can!"
Member: James
"What a brilliat start to my subscription, paid back in two weeks!"
Member: Marzena
"Mini markets for DAX so much better than my IG account - no more slippage for me!"
Member: John
"Have enjoyed the last few years with you, its great to hear other opinions and you guys have contributed to me being a successful trader"
Member: Henry
"This is just what I needed. Seeing continued proof of the strategies in the live trade room gave me the motivation to perfect my entries. Thanks for all your pointers and help in the 1-on-1."
Member: Mo
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