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At Trade Room Plus, we’re different. We’re the UK’s premier Professional Live Trade Room. We’ve been helping people like you to learn to trade Forex, Index and Crypto markets on spread bet and CFD broker platforms since 2013. 

Would you let someone teach you to drive who doesn’t drive themselves? 

If a trading educator is not willing to trade live in front of you, why should you believe they can trade. Ask them if they’re willing to trade the strategies they’ll sell you – live and in front of you. Then await their excuses as to why they won’t. We would not want to learn to trade forex with these fake educators.

We’ve traded live in front of our members and thousands of aspiring traders on YouTube and we do this every trading day. Real trading, real money in real-time. If you want to learn to trade forex, start day trading, understand when to enter and exit a trade or wish to improve your profitability then you should choose Trade Room Plus.

– All our trades use objective rules for buying and selling markets, they are both short term or long term trades (intraday trades and swing trades). They are planned and taken live.
– All our trades, the money risk management, the trade management, the trade entries and exits, the stops and profit limits can be clearly seen by our live trade room by members beforehand.
– All our trades are also sent as trade signals to all our members on a private Telegram group.

When markets open and market price moves our Live Trade Room ensures that we stay on top of our trade signals and further signals for trade management are sent to all members as required. This ensures each and every trade is risk managed effectively for entry and exit. After-all, you don’t want to lose money or market moving money making opportunities.

Our members are our greatest advocates, see below for member feedback. If you’d like to hear more about our members’ experiences and their journey towards becoming successful day traders, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Want to know more about how we will help you learn to trade forex and succeed? Speak to us on WhatsappTelegram now.

Membership gives access to our Live Trade Room and our exclusive live and recorded training. This training will help you to master technical analysis, chart patterns and price action trading, when to short sell and when to go long. You’ll learn how to trade on standard trading platforms and MT4 (MetaTrader 4 or 5). Whatever your trading style our day trading strategies will help you to take charge of your financial future. 

Our membership and the training education available is suitable for those looking to trade part-time either in the evening or during the day and those wishing to trade full time. Click box below for 14 days FREE access or find out more about our Live Trade Room and our trading education here.

Want to start day trading, then join our membership for free and keep all your money for trading. Simply open an account with one of the brokers we recommend.

Learning to trade CFD or Spread Bet markets is not easy and is certainly not for everyone. The majority of people will lose money trading and until you have mastered the art, please only risk funds you are prepared to lose. 

Our Top Five Trading Education Blog Pieces

A picture showing 'trading bling' including a fast car, nice watch and cash.

Learn to trade profitably

Learning to trade, trading courses, it’s all a bit of a nightmare, right?  How many courses are there out there? About 5 million the last time I counted… 

How do you decide how you go about learning to trade and what (if any) trading courses you take? 

In this article I’m going to talk you through what you need to be looking out for and what you should be avoiding when seeking your trading education. 

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Image showing adding to a losing trade.

Which trading strategies make the most profits?

Our inbox is always full of inquiries wanting to know what are the best trading strategies and roughly two thirds of these inquiries will mention one of the 3 P’s. These aren’t the famous marketing 3 Ps – Promotion, Position and Price, the 3 P’s we always get asked about are Pips, Points and Profit.  

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A chart showing price moving quickly in and out of a level.

Professional Price Action Trading

People bang on about price action trading a lot. The reality is very few people actually understand what it is. What’s even worse is a lot of those who claim to teach it only have a partial understanding. There are more facets to understanding price action that most people don’t know and are never taught. 

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A picture showing the DAX stock market.

Which DAX 30 trading strategies work?

The DAX 30 is the premier index of the German stock market – the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The index is the amalgamated stock prices of the top 30 companies and includes big, world-renowned brands you will have heard of such as BMW, Allianz and Adidas. On spread bet and CFD brokers the Dax may be also be called Germany 30.

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Top Trading Tips

The top 10 trading tips for trading success

Right then, the top 10 trading tips!

At Trade Room Plus, each of us has come through a trading knowledge journey. We’ve come from knowing nothing, through failure and loss and on to consistent profitability and running a live trade room. Our personal trading journeys have informed our teaching and mentoring of thousands of traders. In this article, we list our top 10 trading tips to help you succeed like us.

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Our Members Feedback


“I have been a member of Trade Room Plus since they started in 2013. Their disciplined approach to trading and teaching of realistic risk management has helped me become a consistently profitable trader.

They are honest genuine guys and aren’t trying to sell any unrealistic get rich quick strategies. They offer excellent individual support and coaching if required to help new or struggling traders to become profitable.”


“The Trade Room Plus team offers a unique mentorship program for traders. They teach and execute trading success principles. You learn the art of patiently waiting for opportunities at predetermined levels, executing such trades with discipline and proper risk management, and of course profit management. 

You also learn from a team of the traders that have decades of trading experience, teaching you how the stock market works and operates. You get to watch and participate in such trades and benefit from the same level of profitability. In my view, the affordability of the room access membership undervalues the benefits.”


“Trade Room Plus don’t offer some magic system because it does not exist. They trade live for all to see, this is great as you can see how professionals handle both winning and losing trades. The education section has all the things you need to learn to trade and make your own systems. 

Best of all, if you get stuck or need to know something there is an online chat room to discuss issues, problems, regrets, and ideas. I would thoroughly recommend them. ”

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