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Video Training and Strategy Documents

Our video training series and a number of trading strategy documents are available for download for non-members. Members do not need to purchase these separately as they are available in the member zone. The first training available is our Master Trader Series. This was delivered to members as a live webinar. The video recordings of this webinar are available for purchase here. Click here for full details of the Master Trader Series.

Master Trader

£49005 Webinar Training Recordings
  • Access to online video and downloadable files

How to Trade Candlesticks Profitably

£499Beginner Trader Training
  • 11-Minute Video

Personal Trading Mentoring

We are often asked to provide personal trading mentoring. Over the years we have found that it is best to individually tailor this service and we offer this to both new and experienced traders. This does take a large commitment of time and it is best to contact us so we can discuss your goals and aspirations and co-ordinate diaries for delivery of the mentoring.

Buy Personal Mentoring

£1000Up to 20 hours
  • Bespoke Individual Training
  • Time scheduled over 2 months
  • Includes One year Full Membership

Profitable Traders use a Professional Trade Log

Every professional trader needs and uses a tradelog. At TradeRoomPlus, we use the EdgeWonk trade log as it helps us improve our performance and remain consistent. We recommend this trade log for all traders.

If you'd like to purchase a log, click here

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