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Our Master Trader Training Programme

In April 2018 we had our 5th anniversary. That’s five years of profitable live trading, making Trade Room Plus the premier live trading and training experience. Over these five years, we’ve evolved and developed our approach to trading and the art of making money from trading. And we’ve taken a good number of our members on this successful journey with us.

So what have we learned and what is the secret to trading success?

Well to celebrate this anniversary we launched a new spread bet training course and because it’s run by us you can be assured that it’s based on real results and will enable you to reach your personal financial goals.

Here is what you will get on our Master Trader Training Programme:

We teach you how to take profitable trades week after week.

Taking profitable trades week after week requires a systematic approach to trading. You’ll learn what systems we use, how much time we dedicate to trading and how to run your personal trading business.

We teach you which markets to trade and when to trade them.

You’ll learn how to trade index markets with precision, learn when to trade FX markets for powerful moves and how to predict Cryptocurrency trades before they happen.

We teach you evening trading strategies so you can trade in your spare time.

Our Algo Yank Strategy and our Evening Trading Roadmap has enabled our members to take disciplined profitable trades in the evening, this trading approach is also used by many people with full-time jobs and could help you make the switch from your current job to the financial freedom enjoyed by successful traders.

We’ll show you how to turn low-risk day trades into swing trades.

Most swing trade strategies often leave your risk exposed over long periods of time. Our approach reduces risk quickly and can develop into large swing trades. We’ll show you our recent 1,000 pt trades and how we managed them for large profits.

This is a complete spread bet training course. 8.5 hours of video training

Here is a list of the subjects the training covers:

What is spread bet trading

How leverage works

Risk and risk management

Trading as your business

What equipment and resources you need

The Trade Room Plus trading philosophy and the secret to trading success

Charts, timeframes and chart patterns

Support and resistance

Trend lines

Pivot Points

Camarilla Points

The art of Fibonacci to predict moves

Understanding trading statistics

How to manage trade losses

Breakout trade strategies

Reversal trade strategies

Algo Yank trading strategy

Evening Trading Roadmap

Stop sizes and effective stop management strategies

Building account size and income generation from trading

Learn to trade forex and index markets online free
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Learn to trade forex and index markets online free
The Master Trader Course is a comprehensive training course for trading forex, index and crypto markets online. Available free from the UK's premier live trading educators, Trade Room Plus.
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Trade Room Plus
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2 thoughts on “Master Trader Training Course”

  1. mike sessions and lessons are equally important to any trader, beacause the balance they portray to trading is paramount.
    Great sessions TRP and look forward to next year ones.
    many thanks now

  2. I have enjoyed both sets of videos on the master trading series, thank you for putting them together Michael. It’s pulled a lot of things together for me.

    I found the ‘trade with the herd’ idea a new way of looking at things but of course it makes absolute sense as when we look for trades we look for obvious things such as candle formations, levels, etc. like everyone else.

    The statistics showing traders lose more money than they win in spite of winning more trades than they lose ties in so nicely with the psychology course.

    Thanks again.

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