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Please read all the information on this page. 

Member Zone

The Member Zone is the gateway for members to access the Live Trade Room, the Group Chat and exclusive member training.


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Live Trade Room

To access the Live Trade Room click the icon on the Member Zone page. This will then open a GoToWebinar application. Note: The webinar user/member list is updated twice a day. 7 am and 1 pm London Time. New members are added at the next update. If you require access before the update, email us.

The Live Trade Room webinar opens each day at 7:50 am and remains open for the majority of the day. It will close if we are running a separate live YouTube session or markets are closed. Members are notified by Telegram.

We do NOT speak all day long in the live room. We generally have 2 trade planning session each day. Each session on average lasts for 1 hr, if markets are quite then the session could be significantly shorter.  The first planning session starts at 7:50 am and the second at 2:20 pm to coincide with the US market open. Of the 10 potential trade planning sessions a week we aim to ensure we do 9. This often means we do not have a session on Friday afternoons.

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Live Member Chat

The member chat should automatically open in the bottom right of the Member Zone page. Click the round icon and open up the chat.

This is the best place to ask us questions during the live planning sessions. The member chat is open 24 hrs and you can communicate with other members here.

Note: we like new members to ask us questions, it helps us to ensure everybody understand what we are doing.

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Trade Notifications – Telegram

All Live Trade Room trades and the management of the trades are put on Telegram for all members to see.

Telegram is a mobile app that works like WhatsApp. It is more secure than WhatsApp and gives us better group management options.

Telegram is available free from your App Store. Please install and use this link to join the member chat. CLICK HERE.

Note: We have a second Telegram account called Help and Support – THIS IS NOT THE MEMBER TRADES GROUP.

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