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The Best Funded Trading Firm for 2022

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The Best Funded Trading Firm for 2022

At last our funded trading prop program is about to launch. It’s taken some time, but that’s because we’ve been building the best funded trading program of any of the prop firms. In 2022 traders from anywhere in the world will be able to test their trading skills and win funding of up to $1 million. The Funded Trading Plus programs take the best bits of different existing programs and brings them together to offer unique programs with clear and simple rules.

Funded Trading Plus the #1 Prop Firm 2022

The Top 3 Funded Trading Firms 2022

  1. Funded Trading Plus
  2. Competitor in US
  3. Competitor in Europe

Funded Trading Plus is the #1 prop trading firm in 2022. That is our prediction and we will be pulling out all the stops to make sure this happens. Our funded trading programs will be the best programs, at the best price, with the best customer service, and most importantly the best payout record. 

Our funded trading programs are built to be better than all the other funded trading prop firms. Most importantly, unlike others, we have no difficult and restrictive rules that are designed to make you fail quickly. We will only fail traders who breach the drawdown limits. Trading is all about money management, take care of your money management, stay on the right side of the drawdown limits, and pretty much trade as you like.

The Easiest Funded Trading Account Rules

Hard Rules – Account Closed

Do not breach our daily drawdown limit of 5%

Do not breach our total drawdown limit of 10%

Soft Rules – Trades Closed

All trades require a stop loss

All trades must be closed by 21:30 GMT on Fridays. New trades can be placed when the market re-opens, for some markets this may be within an hour.

And most importantly, unlike a good number of other programs our funded accounts are real and not demo trades. This means that when you win big, your trades have been taken in the real market and profit exists to pay you. You will have seen in online forums how some funded trading firms have failed to pay a successful trader. This is usually because they have not placed the trader’s trade in the real market and therefore do not have enough cash available to payout. Their business model works fine when payouts are small, but if you are a particularly successful trader and have earned a great deal of money they may come up with excuses and not pay you. We do not think this is either morally right or fair, what do you think? Please let us know in the comments below.

The Best Funded Trading Programs

Our new Experienced Trader Program is a one-stage evaluation that does not have any of the unfair and restrictive rules that many other programs have. Traders will be able to trade Forex, Index markets, Gold, Oil, and most importantly Crypto markets. Funded Trading Plus is the first prop trading firm to offer over 200 crypto markets. We have two main programs, the Experienced Trader Program is a one-stage evaluation with a 5% Drawdown and 10% profit target, and the Advanced Trader Program is a two-stage evaluation with a bigger drawdown allowance. Both programs have $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000 options and it’s possible for traders to scale up to a real $1,000,000. 

The Best Funded Trading firm for Crypto

One of the unique aspects of our Funded Trading Program is the number of crypto markets we have available for traders. This certainly makes our programs the best funded trading firm crypto traders and very much supports our drive to be the best funded trading program for all traders in 2002.

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Another unique feature of Funded Trading Plus is that we will also be giving away on a regular basis a free funded trading account to traders that want to be brand ambassadors for us. 

Live Trade Room for funded trading

Our live trade room, Trade Room Plus will throughout 2022 concentrate on trading to pass funded trading tests.

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Visit Funded Trading Plus here:

Our Demon Scalper Package is a training course specifically aimed at passing funded trading tests. Currently, we are running a 50% discount.

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