The Power Hour

Institutional Level Trade Signals

Market analysis and trade signals direct from the centre of the City of London. A live trading webinar, once a week in partnership with Forex, Gold, Oil, Commodities and Index markets. logo is the retail brand of Finalto Trading, the trading division of Playtech PLC, a FTSE 250 listed company. provides liquidity, trading and tech for city businesses like hedge funds, brokers and all types of financial institutions.

The Power Hour Strategies

Our strategic aim in this trading session is to generate trade signals that move in the same direction as the smart money. We want to swim alongside the whales. 

We use institutional analysis, broker information and also the Commitment of Traders data provided by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. These sources help us decide which direction the big smart money institutional traders are moving the markets. We then look for support and resistance trading opportunities in the direction of this identified bias. These then form the basis of the trade signals generated.

These are not intraday trades, we expect these trades to last days or weeks. These trades are therefore for traders who wish to just spend a relatively small time setting and managing trades. These trades will therefore suit somebody who may have returned to the work place or who is too busy to be an intraday trader.

Intraday traders can use these signals to supplement their normal trading.

Next Live Session

Monday, 8 pm London Time, 3 pm New York Time

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Who is this session for?

Any trader looking to add institutional level trades to their portfolio.

What markets do you trade?

Mainly Forex & Gold, plus some Index, Commodities and Crypto markets

How long are trade signals held for?

Trade signals are set on daily and 4 hourly charts and may be held for a number of days. Portions of winning trades may be held for longer.

Do I need to be in the Live Trade Room every day?

No. Watch the Power hour live on the Monday evening or on replay and set your trade orders.

What about trade management?

Updates on executed trades will be communicated via the members’ Telegram channel. 4Hr and Daily timeframe trades do not require you to act instantly. Your time spent on your broker platform will be minimal.

Do you publish results?

Yes. We will be publishing results on a weekly basis. Start date of service is Monday 20th September 2021

What type of account do I need?

We recommend that you trade with a maximum risk of 2% per trade. Trades are likely to require a minimum margin £20,000 on a FCA or ESMA licence or £2,000 on a worldwide licence with greater leverage.

We execute these trades on a real MT4 CFD account.