FAQ Category: Learn to trade

There are many free learn to trade resources online and their are countless numbers of paid courses. Are any of these worthwhile?

What is the best trading strategy?

The best trading strategy is trade management. There are many trade strategies and if used correctly these can make great profits. However without good trade management most traders will lose money.

What is a martingale strategy in trading?

A martingale strategy is a money management technique that double the risk of each trade after a loss. This type of trading can easily destroy the trading account as losses increase exponentially.

How many forex pips can I make a day?

Although well meant, this is the wrong question for a new trader to ask. Trying to make lots of pips is not a successful approach to forex trading. Successful traders concentrate on risk management.

Which trading strategies make the most profits?

A successful and profitable strategy for one trader can be a poor and big losing strategy for another even if they are trading it on the same market at the same time. It’s the management of the trade and your trading trade after trade that makes the profits, not the strategy.  

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