FAQ Category: The Live Trade Room

What is the best trading strategy?

The best trading strategy is trade management. There are many trade strategies and if used correctly these can make great profits. However without good trade management most traders will lose money.

What is a martingale strategy in trading?

A martingale strategy is a money management technique that double the risk of each trade after a loss. This type of trading can easily destroy the trading account as losses increase exponentially.

How many forex pips can I make a day?

Although well meant, this is the wrong question for a new trader to ask. Trying to make lots of pips is not a successful approach to forex trading. Successful traders concentrate on risk management.

What is the best broker for the DAX?

Both spreads and traded executions are important when trading the DAX. The broker we use in our live trade room, Markets.com, offers a 0.8 spread on the DAX and solid executions. These tighter spreads add up in the long-term, especially if you’re frequently trading / a day trader.

When is the DAX open?

The official DAX open time is 09:00-17:30 CET Central European Time. This is 08:00-16:30 GTM. 

Why trade the DAX index?

The DAX moves in predictable consistent patterns and this means we are able to use technical trading strategies to help us profit from these moves.

What is the best DAX trading strategy?

The DAX goes through periods of both sideways and trending markets, and when it does, it presents lots of trading opportunities for us. There are three trading strategies that we use on the DAX all the time. These are swing trading strategies, breakout trading strategies and scalping.

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