What are the Talented Trader Program rules?

Our Talented Trader Program aims to find traders that can analyse market movements and execute trades effectively for profit. Our rules are not designed to hamper the trader and we try to keep the rules simple. Take 125 trades This is the number of trades that must be executed to complete the program. There is no minimum or maximum time restriction placed on the trader to execute the trades. Trade in either direction Traders can trade long or short but cannot take opposite hedging positions. Give each trade stop price Stop prices determine when a losing position is closed for a loss. The trader can decide where to place the stop. Minimum stop size is 25 pips in all markets. Stop size determines the profit target All profit targets are set at 2 x stop size, a risk reward ratio of 1:2 Trades that hit the profit target before the stop position are counted as a successful trade. Trades that hit the stop position before the profit target are counted as losing trades. Stop position can be moved during the period the trade is open. Doing so does not reduce the profit target. Trades that are stopped out for profit after a stop move by the trader or at breakeven after a stop move by the trader are not counted as either wins or losses. These trades do not count against the 125 trades target. Profit from trades is not important - we are looking at traders’ win rate. There is no drawdown limit on the trades taken. One trade at a time. Each trade must be closed before the next trade can be placed and executed. The Talented Trader program ends when the wins 55% - 69 winning trades or loses 60% - 75 losing trades.

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